25 Reasons Why Americans Find Donald Trump Appealing

The Trumpalooza has taken over the American people in the build-up to the 2016 Presidential election. It is true, some people have serious concerns about a business-tycoon-turned-reality-tv star running the affairs of the country. They think he’s too brash, too rich, too cartoonish, too bigoted, too… something and everything. But, these dissenters to the brand of Trump are vanishing by the insult.

Trump has appeal, for real. And it is not just media-driven. Yes, he benefits immensely from free media coverage (Rand Paul complained that he, too would be doing quite well had he received a billion in free press). The press finds him irresistible probably for many reasons, but surely one of them is because the American people are enchanted by The Donald.

Just look at the crowds he attracts at a moment’s notice. Trump announced, with 48 hours notice, that he will drop by Mesa, Arizona the day after the December 15 Republican Debate in Las Vegas. 15,000 people showed up. That is some draw. And he grew out of two venues until he was offered an airport hangar to make his speech. This is the norm wherever Trump goes.

25 Reasons Why Americans Find Trump Appealing

1. Independence (Trump is Really Rich): Donald is famously rich; he’s worth $10 billion. This means he can be more independent than other candidates who depend heavily on wealthy donors. Since he refuses outside money, he is not controlled by those who would offer it.

People like Trump's brash style 2. New Money Rich: Dan Phillips of The Economic Populist made the point that Donald comes from new money rather than old money. “While Trump didn’t come from a poor family, his family wasn’t that rich, so Trump behaves like new rich – the brashness the ostentatiousness, the conspicuous consumption… I think a lot of Trump’s presentation and appeal is that he is in essence just a guy from Queens who made good for himself, and who may still have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Trump’s Flyover Country supporters see a kindred spirit who happens to be a billionaire, but for those significantly concerned with propriety, they see an intolerably boorish lout.”

3. Political Outsider: Trump has never been a politician before. He talked about running in the late 80s, but never did it. Ben Carson is also a political outsider. At one point in this race, Trump and Carson were leading the polls in Iowa. When has that ever happened before? American voters are apparently not so interested in all the puppets that the Republican Party tramped out in front of the voters. Guys like Kasich and Christie and, my God, how exciting, Jeb Bush!

4. Ridicules the Establishment: The Establishment is supposed to be taken seriously by all of us. The pundits are supposed to be powerful enough to drown out anything they don’t want to discuss. Trump can say anything he wants without fearing the media will change the topic or ignore him. These Establishment people have manufactured so many unnecessary problems for the American people – and he absolutely ridicules them. Isn’t it fun to watch?

5. Presentations/Style: Unlike all of his opponents, Trump is not boring. He has a certain style and turns everything he does into theatre. Media pundits disparage him as an “entertainer” but a lot of people like his style and his ability to entertain.

6. Unfiltered Mouth: Trump speaks his mind. Agree with him, disagree with him. Nobody is telling him to say it. He works off his gut instincts. That is a plus for him because people see him as a successful fellow.

7. Insults Politicians: People don’t mind insults so much if they are directed at a hated class, namely, American politicians. Sure, he’ll hurl an insult at Rosie every now and then, but she’s not so well-liked herself. Mostly, he is referring to politicians when he lobs such names as “fat slob” and “loser.” Nobody is crawling to their defense.

8. His Insults are “True”: Like any good stand-up comic, Trump says things that we are already thinking, even if not consciously. Jeb is low energy, Fiorina does too often have the scowl of an angry ex. The insults are true enough that we laugh… and remember.

9. Impromptu Speeches: People might not view Trump’s hair as authentic, but they view Trump the man as authentic. They listen to him speak and think, “He believes it, he really believes it. And he is pissed off.” Nobody imagines a think tank writing him a gloating speech about how he is kicking everybody’s ass in the polls.

10. Political Correctness: Americans are fed up with the cloying political correctness they encounter at every turn. PC is evident in all public discourse. It assumes the worst intention when another person disagrees with you. Trump won’t put up with it. Americans want to fight back against the ====bullies. When the Black Lives Matter people stole Bernie Sanders’ microphone, Trump poked fun at him. Trump is not afraid of the political bullies in the crowds or in the media.

11. Media-Proof: The media is generally quite effective at marginalizing outsider candidates. But Trump is not exactly an unknown to the American public. People kind of know his background and style, and they kind of like it. Millions of Americans have already seen his decision-making style on their television when they watched The Apprentice.

12. Negotiation Skills: Donald wrote The Art of the Deal, which he says is the second best book in the world (the Bible is better, he says). He is famous for getting what he wants and enjoying his life. Americans sense that the man has clearly won his share of negotiations.

13. Winner: “America doesn’t win anymore.” This is a constant refrain in Donald’s politics. It is true. America has lost a couple of wars, SAT scores were higher before Disco (did Disco make us dumber?), and the economic recovery has been less than inspiring. American does seem to have a “winning” problem these days. Supporters of Trump think putting a winner in office might translate into American becoming a winner again. Hence, the perception of plausibility in Trump’s trite campaign slogan.

14. Screw Decorum: The greatly respected conservative intellectual Charles Murray criticized Trump for his lack of decorum. Murray thinks conservatives should be gentlemen. But many conservative Americans enjoy Trump’s aggression because it shows that at least he is willing to fight against their foes.

15. Populism: Trump positions himself as “the voice of the people”. He answers media questions as if he transmitted the feelings of the American people. He frequently invokes the “silent majority”, adding that it isn’t so silent anymore. His is a populism that appeals to disparate types of Americans: minorities, conservatives, white democrats.

16. No Policy Papers: It is true, Trump does not publish papers with detailed position statements. It seems that Trump prefers to see where his negotiations can take him. Multitudes appreciate the fact that he has no policy papers because that means that he has no comprehensive program to screw the American people. Who, if it is not the American people, are the main targets in political policy papers?

17. Immigration: Trump altered the political debate when he brought up the problem of illegal immigrants doing illegal things. The immigration issue is the Donald’s strongest because he sets himself clearly apart from most other Republican candidates. Incidentally, many Republican voters support Trump’s minority position in the Party. Blacks and (legal) Hispanics support Trump on immigration. Also, people want to see the big, fat, beautiful wall the Donald has fixed in his mind.

18. Always Opposed TPP: Of course, many politicians have come out against the TPP/ObamaTrade, but the only Republican to be against it from the beginning was Donald Trump (the only Democrat was Bernie Sanders). On the issue of free trade, Trump is enthusiastically against it. But there have been little more than yawns from other Republican candidates. This would seem to be an opportunity for Republican candidates to differentiate themselves from Trump, but he is leading the charge and framing this issue, too.

19. Questions American Empire: Trump was an early critic of the Iraq War. Jeb still unquestionably supports his bro’s entry into Iraq, his only criticism of Iraq is that the exit strategy could have been better. Trump is also not obsessed with foreign policy. Highly refreshing for Americans who have grown tired of the bellicosity of Republican politicians.

20. No Worse Than Alternative Candidates: Electing Trump is not “scary” for many Americans. People are just as afraid of Jeb and Hillary ruling over them.

21. Debates with Hillary: What could be more entertaining than Trump calling Hillary Clinton out on her emails? Republican voters remember well Romney and McCain’s feeble sparring matches with President Obama. Would Mrs. Clinton really be afraid of a debate with Marco Rubio and his “working-class credentials?”

22. Jobs: People feel that Trump will protect job losses to other countries, especially Mexico.

23. Etch a Sketch: The Establishment desperately needs some shaking up. $200 trillion in un-funded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid seems to be a problem. The first step is to ridicule the establishment and shake things up a bit. If the establishment doesn’t even take the debt seriously, how can the American voter expect to ever get out from under it?

24. Twitter: The Donald uses Twitter to keep his messages going out to millions of supporters. His insult-laced Tweets are interesting enough that some actually get read. This attention by his followers probably helps him organize supporters very quickly as well.

25. Businessman: Donald Trump has spent his life as a businessman, building golf courses and other stuff people enjoy. Everybody says the Donald is a joy to work for. Americans like business tycoons, they figure these people have at least responded to the wishes of others to earn their fame. It’s true that Trump has used the bankruptcy laws to his advantage, but how many American’s are against that? How many of his peers on the Republican debate stage are against it?

Bonus: “Barack… You’re Fired”: Millions of Americans are waiting to hear it. Imagine Trump’s tweet on election’s eve.

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