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Why is Everybody on the Brink of an Existential Crisis?

Not everybody is on the brink of an existential crisis, but most people who think deeply about their lives probably are on the brink. I think it’s because these people are not interested in accepting package-deal answers provided by traditional religions, especially those who live in a highly technological society that seems to break new […]

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State of the Family, Worldwide

Child Trends published its annual international report World Family Map 2014: Mapping Family Change and Child Well-Being. The World Family Map Project “monitors family well-being and investigates how family characteristics affect children’s healthy development around the globe.” It follows trends in the family because it is “the core institution for child-rearing worldwide.” Strong families produce […]

Politics vs. Community Engagement

A survey by the National Conference on Citizenship found that Washington DC residents ranked last in the nation in “trusting all or most neighbors.” But Washingtonians certainly have trust for their rulers. Their trust in the media is number one in the country. And, as good consumers of the media, they ranked first in voter […]

Question for Christians: Does God Want You to Obey the State?

Christian pastors typically tell their churches that it is important for them to obey the government because of the teachings in Romans 13. Some churches are led by absolute warmongers, but many others have leaders who are simply trying to stand up for law and order, perhaps naively in some cases. It is important for […]

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Russians Dying of Hopelessness

Mother Russia’s Ugly Population Stats The Russian population declined by 7 million (5%) from 1992 to 2009. This is an incredible depopulation bomb – unheard of in peacetime— that is being caused by rising mortality. Russia has one of the lowest birthrates in the world: 1.61 (compared to 2.01 in the U.S.). UN data from […]

Monsters in America

Americans have always created monsters for their own consumption as a way to deal with changes in American society. Scott Poole’s book “Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting” recounts the history of American horror culture. Poole shows how the monsters represented in American fiction reveal the psychology of the […]

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The Man-Boy Mook Myth

Money, sex and freedom – but without any of the corresponding responsibility. This is the childlike fantasy of manhood so heavily promoted in modern American society. But how many modern people have actually fallen for the fantasy? In her 2006 article Men Growing Up to be Boys, Lakshmi Chaudry looked at the evolution in America […]

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Christian Hedonism?

Here’s a novel concept: a Christian who is happy. Christian Hedonism Synopsis The longing to be happy is a universal human experience, and it is good, not evil. We shouldn’t deny or resist our desire to be happy, as if the impulse were evil. On the contrary, we should intensify this longing with whatever will […]

Shallow Lives

We live in an era of shallow lives. We have the great thinkers at our fingertips, and yet we don’t seem to heed their advice — we don’t even know what their advice is. Instead we are stuck feeling our way through the mud of life without reference to the solid answers that guided our […]

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