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How to Live a Significant Life: Take Initiative

Has work become less interesting and significant? Are we further removed from the purpose of our work than before? “As the business of earning a living has become easier and simpler, it has also become less interesting and significant; and all personal problems have become more perplexing. This fact, plus the fact of the disappearance […]

Why Did Islam Spread?

Islam won battles. Sure. But still there must have been something likeable about the doctrine for people to cling to Islam for generation after generation after being conquered by it. In his book “The Great Heresies,” Hillaire Belloc (1870-1953), the great French Catholic historian, offered a clue why Islam proved appealing to the oppressed masses. […]

The Greatest Novelist of All Time Summarizes the Greatest Story of All Time

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) is considered by many to be the greatest novelist of all time. His most notable works include “War and Peace” and “Anna Kerenina.”  What many do not know is that Tolstoy wrote a short book distilling the teachings of Jesus into easy-to-understand principles for living. His book, The Gospel in Brief, took […]

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Invisible Training in Factory Education

What model is American education based on? According to the great public education critic John Taylor Gatto, modern schooling is based on the industrial model. So instead of being primarily shaped by educational reformers like John Dewey and Horace Mann, Gatto sees the fingerprints of industrialists like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and efficiency freak Frederick […]

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The Children Rule Learning

Do the children rule education in the United States? This was the opinion written in the “Literary Digest” in 1902. ” Youth is a terrible power in the United States. As in the case of woman America has been the first to favor a real and beneficial emancipation of youth—that is, youth has been given […]

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Nongkrong: Passing Time is America’s Pastime

The Indonesians have a term for sitting around and doing nothing: “nongkrong.” It means to sit around and chat and generally do nothing at all. Incidentally, this is a favorite pastime of American youth, and American adults, and American old people. Think about the term “pastime.” It means “to pass time agreeably.” Maybe we shouldn’t […]

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TV killed History

The medium of television blinds us from the rich and detailed history of the last few thousand years. It focuses our limited attention onto those events and ideas which have been captured on the television screen in just the last few decades. What do we know about Reality if our notions of Nature come from […]

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The Pledge is Socialist

Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance, was a flaming Christian Socialist. Daniel Ford hired Bellamy to work for his magazine Youth’s Companion in 1891, where the Pledge could be circulated to American schoolchildren. Ford made a fortune off the sale of flags after the Pledge became a hit, selling them to 26,000 schoolhouses. […]

Covering Up Population Decline

Countries experiencing inevitable population decline (see my post Population Lie) are attempting to fool the world and themselves in to thinking nothing is wrong. They will be able to fool most people for the short-run. Economies will be destroyed by declining populations in those counties which borrowed from non-existent future generations for their unearned lifestyles. […]

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The Population Lie

Kids are told in Western countries not to reproduce. They are shown films that depict humans overtaking the planet. They are told not to be selfish like their parents have been, trying to forge a legacy via reproduction, in a world saturated with humans. This is a lie. There has been a population explosion, for sure. But it will […]

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