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1776: Libertarian Revolution Against Conservatives of Power

In his magnificent Libertarian Manifesto For a New Liberty, Murray Rothbard made the case that the American Revolution of 1776 was a principled libertarian revolution – not a conservative revolution. The conservatives were those who wanted to continue their illegitimate, market-insane privileges; the revolutionaries actually cared about the principles of liberty. Classical Liberals Rothbard credited […]

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The Show Begins…

Welcome to the Trump show! If you get your happies watching media crybabies wriggle and kick their legs in the air, then grab your corn for popping and relax, Daddy is in town. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States yesterday. He gave a short speech. It was a […]

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Politics vs. Community Engagement

A survey by the National Conference on Citizenship found that Washington DC residents ranked last in the nation in “trusting all or most neighbors.” But Washingtonians certainly have trust for their rulers. Their trust in the media is number one in the country. And, as good consumers of the media, they ranked first in voter […]

Responding to State Worshipers

Worship is an act of uncritical devotion. Some people worship God, an infatuated teen might worship her boyfriend; some folks worship state power. But uncritical devotion can make people believe things that just aren’t so, and it can even make them a little batty. In a 2006 issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Walter Block […]

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25 Reasons Why Americans Find Donald Trump Appealing

The Trumpalooza has taken over the American people in the build-up to the 2016 Presidential election. It is true, some people have serious concerns about a business-tycoon-turned-reality-tv star running the affairs of the country. They think he’s too brash, too rich, too cartoonish, too bigoted, too… something and everything. But, these dissenters to the brand […]

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Should You Go To Jail for Lying?

In The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Dr. Walter Block argued with his libertarian colleague Frank van Dun over the issue of lying and criminal law. In an earlier article, Van Dun had offered the case of a man under the bridge who lies to some hikers about the safety of the bridge. The poor folks […]

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Minarchists and Anarchists Agree on 95% Reduction in Government, Says Walter Block

The incomparable Austrian economist Dr. Walter Block visited with Brian Wilson on the Libertas Media Podcast recently to discuss libertarianism – especially the movement and its various distinctions. Dr. Block made the statement that anarchists and minarchists agree that the government should shrink by 95%. Minarchists are those limited-government libertarians who believe a tiny government […]

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Stan Evans: Conservatives Coming to Save the World

Conservatives typically laugh at those who want to save the world. But that is exactly what Stan Evans and other founders of the modern conservative movement wanted to do: save the world from communism. They wanted to take over the Republican Party, then take over the nation and thereby defeat communism in the world. Anti-communism […]

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Who Owns the Future: China or India?

China and India are the two most populous countries in the world. Both have the potential to become the most important economy in the next generation or two. Both are highly bureaucratic, but, as economist Gary North pointed out, India is a Keynesian bureaucracy and China is a Communist bureaucracy. North argues that India has […]

Orwell’s “Complete Reversal” on Capitalism

George Orwell (1903-1950) was a socialist writer who had tried very hard to make a neat separation between economic freedom and political freedom. He thought you could control the production of the body without controlling production of the mind. But, ultimately, he changed his mind. He was an idealist, a communist. He came to see […]

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