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How to Stay Happy All Day

People define happiness as the absence of suffering, the presence of joy and excitement, or a general satisfaction with life. All of these factors probably play their parts, but happiness seems to be a fleeting sensation that never comes around often enough. Why not infuse each of your days with dozens of thoughts of gratitude? […]

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Jefferson on Action

“Do you want to know who you are?” Jefferson asked, “Don’t ask. Act. Action will delineate and define you.” Jefferson got up early, never letting the sun catch him in bed the last 50 years of his life. He was always learning something, always doing something. His foundation for learning was action; his foundation for […]

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Pleasure Planet

We live on a pleasure planet. That is the lesson of the short story Strange Wine. Written by science-fiction author Harlan Ellison, “Strange Wine” is a fable about a man who appreciates life on earth so little that he commits suicide. He wakes up on a planet that is truly boring and lifeless and grim, […]

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So Many Ways to Feel Good

Paul Ekman, the social psychologist who identified the meaning of hundreds of different facial expressions, found that there are many different emotions that make us feel good. The pride of accomplishment is a very different good feeling from the experience of wonder and awe.  These emotions are experienced on different time scales; they can be […]

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Creativity Model: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is an icon of creativity in modern America. Among his earth-shattering inventions are the I-pod, the I-pad and the Mac. How did he look at the world differently from the average person? Leander Kahny wrote a book called ” Inside Steve’s Brain” to help us answer this question. Many Ideas– wanted tons of […]

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Outcomes)

If you want to get things done you need to learn how to get real world results. This requires adopting the “Entrepreneurial Mindset.” What exactly is the “Entrepreneurial Mindset? Listen to Michael Ellsberg in “The Education of Millionaires” Run always toward creating real-world results for people who are willing to pay for these results, and […]

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How to Complain

Follow this 4-step formula for registering a complaint or for trying to persuade somebody to support a change you want to make. 1. What do you want? Define how the change will look and what obstacles must be overcome. 2. What supports this? Are these reasonable changes; do you have a good reason to require […]

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Abandon Thy Recipes

Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them. Once you know how you are getting what you are getting, you can simply abandon your current recipes to find some alien splendor.

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What Embarrasses You?

Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify. What aspect of your situation embarrasses you? What are you hiding? Honesty and truth give you power. Acknowledging what is allows you to alter what is. Find those embarrassing little details with the flashlight of your mind and start admitting them with ease. With pleasure. Amplify.

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Dr. Suess on “You”

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is nobody else who is you-er than you.” “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll […]

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