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State of the Family, Worldwide

Child Trends published its annual international report World Family Map 2014: Mapping Family Change and Child Well-Being. The World Family Map Project “monitors family well-being and investigates how family characteristics affect children’s healthy development around the globe.” It follows trends in the family because it is “the core institution for child-rearing worldwide.” Strong families produce […]

Who Owns the Future: China or India?

China and India are the two most populous countries in the world. Both have the potential to become the most important economy in the next generation or two. Both are highly bureaucratic, but, as economist Gary North pointed out, India is a Keynesian bureaucracy and China is a Communist bureaucracy. North argues that India has […]

Russians Dying of Hopelessness

Mother Russia’s Ugly Population Stats The Russian population declined by 7 million (5%) from 1992 to 2009. This is an incredible depopulation bomb – unheard of in peacetime— that is being caused by rising mortality. Russia has one of the lowest birthrates in the world: 1.61 (compared to 2.01 in the U.S.). UN data from […]

Why the West Developed – Less Militarism?

Why did the West develop economically much more quickly than other civilizations? Because the West demonstrated a lower time preference compared to these other people groups. This allowed the process of civilization to occur, a process marked by savings and capital accumulation. The higher a group’s time preference level, the more likely it was to […]

“National Interest” and Noninterventionism in 40s-50s

The concept of America’s “national interest” is one of the main arguments warfare-state politicians use to justify sending American troops all over the world at such an enormous cost. But what is America’s true national interest? Perhaps America is spending a lot of money on a plan that does not actually pursue national interest. George […]

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Tiananmen Square Students … Just Leftist Lapdogs?

Westerners have been led to believe that all the Tiananmen Square student protesters were freedom-loving West-worshipers who stood up to power in hopes of achieving representation for all and American-style “democracy.” A cute story, but it turns out that there’s more to the story. Some of the student protesters allied themselves with the Beijing Workers’ […]

United States: On the Historic Left?

The U.S. foreign policy of supporting revolutionary action toward “democracy” worldwide places it on the side of the historic left. The bipartisan consensus is this: “Democracy” is the core American value, we must export our core values abroad (using force if necessary), and, “Hey, look, those Arabs are agitating against their leaders, we must get […]

Why Did Islam Spread?

Islam won battles. Sure. But still there must have been something likeable about the doctrine for people to cling to Islam for generation after generation after being conquered by it. In his book “The Great Heresies,” Hillaire Belloc (1870-1953), the great French Catholic historian, offered a clue why Islam proved appealing to the oppressed masses. […]

President Clinton’s Aid to Al-Qaeda

President Clinton is most famous for his lying and cheating and charm. Like most presidents, he did far more damage than we typically give him credit for. Some takeaways from Libertarian writer James Bovard in his book “Feeling Your Pain: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years” (2001) Clinton exploited and […]

$500 Million Profit in WWI

Bernard Baruch paid $50,000 to fund Wilson’s presidential campaign in 1912, and was paid back by being chosen to chair the War Industries Board. This organization was funded by the government to negotiate with labor to stop strikes and determine wages so as to increase US wartime industrial production. Baruch pocketed somewhere in the hundreds […]