President Clinton’s Aid to Al-Qaeda

President Clinton is most famous for his lying and cheating and charm. Like most presidents, he did far more damage than we typically give him credit for.

Some takeaways from Libertarian writer James Bovard in his book “Feeling Your Pain: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years” (2001)

  • Clinton exploited and expanded the dictatorial potential of the US presidency.
  • The power a politician acquires for government will survive long after his photo opportunities have faded.
  • Faith in the coercive power of the best and brightest permeated Clinton administration policymaking.
  • The lies that Clinton got away with were far more important than the ones on which he was caught.
  • The better that people understand what Clinton did in office, the greater the nation’s chances for political recovery.

I will highlight the most important line: The lies that Clinton got away with were far more important than the ones on which he was caught.Yes, he is morally retarded. But remember, he aided al-Qaeda operations in the Balkans during the 1990s.

Aiding Al-Qaeda

James Jatras, a former political analyst at the US Senate, appeared before the UN War Crimes Tribunal in September 2004 as a defense witness in the trial of former Yugoslav president Milosevic. Jatras was a specialist on Eastern Europe, compiling five official reports on Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Jatras proclaimed that the foundations for the al-Qaeda terrorist network, headed by bin Laden, were laid in Bosnia and Kosovo. He testified that the US allowed Iran and Saudi Arabia to supply arms to Bosnia-Herzegovnia in the early 1990s.

Clinton’s Politically Correct “Muslim Favoritism”

General Charles Boyd, commander in chief of the US European Command from 1992 to 1995, accused Clinton of Muslim favoritism at the expense of the Serbs:

“Ethnic Cleansing evokes condemnation only when it is committed by Serbs, not against them.”

“The United States says that its objective is to end the war through a negotiated settlement, but in reality what it wants is to influence the outcome in favor of the Muslims…This duplicity, so crude and obvious to all in Europe, has weakened America’s moral authority to provide any kind of effective diplomatic leadership. Worse, because of this, the impact of U.S. action has been to prolong the conflict while bringing it no closer to resolution.”

Clinton’s great crime was promoting Islamic terrorist strongholds in Bosnia and Kosovo in 1995 and 1999.

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