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The Population Lie

Kids are told in Western countries not to reproduce. They are shown films that depict humans overtaking the planet. They are told not to be selfish like their parents have been, trying to forge a legacy via reproduction, in a world saturated with humans. This is a lie. There has been a population explosion, for sure. But it will […]

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Robber Barons

Just who did the robber barons rob when they lowered the prices of their products below competitors? We must differentiate between the true robber barons and those business leaders who earned their fortunes by delivering solid products at low prices. We must be careful in how we apply this pejorative lest we make it another […]

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Multiculturalism Has Nothing to Do with Other Cultures

True multicultural classics do not meet the philosophical standards of liberal academics. What does the Koran think of women? How is the Tale of Genji on egalitarianism? How do the Vedas deal with atheism and materialism? Multicultural curriculum prefers to choose texts that represent other cultures as victims of Western culture. Rather than genuinely study […]

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“Criminal Thoughts”

Does the legal system of a free society exist to protect individual rights or to punish intolerable ideas? Of course freedom requires the protection of rights. Dictatorship, however, requires orthodoxy of opinion. “Criminal thought” laws are perfect if your purpose is the consolidation of power.  The popular American example of thought crime is “hate crime” legislation. When […]

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“Progress” is Impossible

Progress, that palatable mumble of self-congratulations uttered by a people devoid of values. We have no way to define it, and so use it to define ourselves. We live in an age of men too weak for values. Instead we have decided to align ourselves with false concepts. Value definition is prerequisite to comparative measurement. […]

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Ehrlich’s Easy Honor: “Say what we want to hear”

Paul Ehrlich is the guy who lost a $10,000 bet in 1990 to the economist Julian Simon that prices would rise on the five core commodities (copper, nickel, chrome, tin, and tungsten) in the next ten years (1980-1990). Although world population increased by 800 million in the 80s, every single one of Ehrlich’s metals went down […]

Human Imperfection

“Nothing is easier to prove than that something human has imperfections, I’m amazed at how many people devote themselves to that task.” – Thomas Sowell

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