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The Pledge is Socialist

Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance, was a flaming Christian Socialist. Daniel Ford hired Bellamy to work for his magazine Youth’s Companion in 1891, where the Pledge could be circulated to American schoolchildren. Ford made a fortune off the sale of flags after the Pledge became a hit, selling them to 26,000 schoolhouses. […]

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Thatcher’s Sin

Margaret Thatcher is today being blamed for the economic crisis because of the “selfishness” of her policies from 1979 to 1990. Yet the fact is that public spending (health and welfare) rose 32%. Her sin was to simultaniously increase the private sector at an even faster rate, making public increases less in comparison to private […]

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Tony Said It

“For a hundred years or more the defining division in politics, in Britain and elsewhere, was about the role of the state. Essentially progressives believed in its ability to improve society; Conservatives feared its interference stifled personal liberty.”— Tony Blair, Labour Party Prime Minister of Great Britain Conservatives believe this crazy idea that the individual is up for […]

George Steinbrenner- How Dare You Die in a “Good Year”

Lazy liberals are moaning about George Steinbrenner dying in a “good year”. They are mad because if he would have died last year he would have paid about $500 million in estate taxes. My question: is there any sanity left in the world? Tell me how it is we allow people to demand this man’s money be […]

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$500 Million Profit in WWI

Bernard Baruch paid $50,000 to fund Wilson’s presidential campaign in 1912, and was paid back by being chosen to chair the War Industries Board. This organization was funded by the government to negotiate with labor to stop strikes and determine wages so as to increase US wartime industrial production. Baruch pocketed somewhere in the hundreds […]

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Instinct to Control

Why can’t liberals discuss any issue without resorting to fanciful conclusions and draconian policies. A conservative is simple one who favors individualism; the liberal, oddly enough, favors statism as an impulse response. Scary instinct. What does it say about the liberal’s state of mind? Why do they want to control us so badly? Why do […]

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