United States: On the Historic Left?

The U.S. foreign policy of supporting revolutionary action toward “democracy” worldwide places it on the side of the historic left. The bipartisan consensus is this: “Democracy” is the core American value, we must export our core values abroad (using force if necessary), and, “Hey, look, those Arabs are agitating against their leaders, we must get in on this fun.”

If the U.S. is the superpower playing the part of the historic left, who is filling the role of the historic right? China and Russia, says Martin Sieff in his piece “The Real Lesson of Benghazi.” Both countries support stability in the Middle East and rest of the world. “China in particular favors peace and stability across the Middle East because it imports so much of its oil from the region.” But has the U.S. truly run out of reasons to support stability in the world? How does the U.S. government benefit from the chaos that ensues when it tries to support “democracy” in the world?

It has not been a very long time since the Neocons waged war for “democracy” under George W. Bush — a policy which was always doomed to failure. And yet Obama seems intent on continuing this policy of the historic left. Sieff writes, “The toppling of established governments in countries such as Egypt and Libya, of course, did not lead to the magical emergence of a stable, free market, pro-American democracies, any more than it had done in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The real lesson of Benghazi, where the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in September, was that the U.S. should delete itself from the historic left and stop supporting chaos around the globe in the name of “democracy.” Sieff advises the government to stay out of the protests, “Stevens’ gruesome death should therefore be a wake-up call to US policymakers to act more cautiously on the world scene and in cooperation with other major powers such as China and Russia, and not regard explosions of popular protests in countries as reasons or excuses to intervene on their behalf.”

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